“I love the notion that the more we surrender myself, unlearn, strip away the layers of “I am”, the more we can embrace our pure radiant self, stepping into our full power and living in the mystery where miracles are the norm”

There is this story I love. A boy walking in forest, in awe with birds,  loses his watch, then he goes back and tries to find it. That this story is a great metaphor for our lives. Thinking we have lost something then we spend our lives trying to find it.

Maybe the journey home is not a destination, but to find ourselves. We are what we’ve lost.

It’s like we are waiting for the cows to come home, but they are already home. I love this notion that there is nothing to learn or do, Just be and go within, to clear the dust,remove the clouds to realise our light and true power.

Stripping and clearing away all that is not truly us, things that we got from our parents, friends, and releasing everything to become all of who we are. So don’t try to fix something just remove the charge.

I don’t know about you but this resonates with me. Let me know your thoughts about becoming all of who you are.

I love this notion that we are all divine and magnificent, we just need to realise that.

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