Want to be living an Ultra Spiritual, Heart Opened, 
Mind Unlimited, and Body Buzzing Life?

Then come and join me, the Spirit Samurai as I offer some advanced trainings on consciousness, mind body medicine, how to open our hearts more, and much more.


This is your chance to join a passionate community together with the most treasured collection of spiritual gems, checklists, trainings, mini courses … literally everything you can imagine to take your life to the next level.



From: The Spirit Samurai (Ivan Kramer, yes that’s my real name), founder of Spirit Samurai.

If you accept this offer it will cost you exactly $14.95.

So thats the bad news.

Now for the Good news

In exchange for this crazy small amount, I am going to give you the greatest gift I could ever give for someone on a spiritual journey.

It’s access to all my “Spiritual training vault” with personal access to myself and some pretty epic trainings that I’ve designed for you.

And I’m going to give them all to you, just like that :)

… plus a whole lot more that I’ll be releasing regularly.

Before we go further, lets take an honest look at ourself now.

Are you well read and doing ok, but getting by day by day, and still feel like your missing something, but your not sure what that is?

If you are, don’t worry I spent 20 years looking for answers, so you’re not alone.

Some of the information I found was great, like feeling grateful, that stuff really works. But in the end, that inner fulfillment felt empty. And no one could help me, healers, courses, you name it.



The short answer, is that the answer can not be found outside of us, but it is deep within us, within our DNA. It’s sounds cleache but we are the ones we have been looking for.

All this material has been carefully put together with this in mind.

It’s empowering because it puts you back in control of your life so your not blaming external circumstances or people for anything. It’s you taking 100% responsibility.

I take a stand for you magnificence! We are all magnificent beings and most of us don’t realize this.

I’ve carefully put together resources on;

    • How you can Bring Darkness to the Light.
    • How you can use the Law of Attraction in this new way that no-body is talking about.
    • How you can increase and raise your vibration using your mind, body, and soul.
    • The 10 secrets to Awe and Bliss states.

Virtually every aspect of your spiritual ascension and raising your vibration while working on your shadow stuff.

Does this stuff work. Well I can’t guarantee everyones success, because ultimately it takes action to get the results.

So the Secret to having a joyful spiritual conscious expansion is mostly looking within yourself, as everything out there is only a reflection of our inner realms. So work on this, and it’s the road to eternal freedom as they say.

Look I’m no Dali Lama but from where I’ve come from I’ve done pretty well. Clearing lifetimes of stuff while pulling back the veils to reveal who I really am.

We are so magnificent and powerful that we are almost afraid to acknowledge this!

I ask “Normal” friends as a test. Can I tell you the truth. “You are so magnificence, beyond my words, did you know that”, and they look at me strangely, saying, am I on drugs. Well this is a reflection of not only themselves, but where our humanity is at.

So I want to do all I possibly can to lead you back to that place. That place you remember, but have forgotten. I am not a guru, by any means, just a normal guy. But it’s how far from the darkness to the light that I’m proud of.

Not only do you get the whole vault of spiritual goodies, but also access to a private facebook group where you can meet other members and ask any question you like. Only people in the group will see your comments so it’s all private.

But thats not all, I’ll also I’ll be doing private monthly trainings that goes deeper down the rabbit hole.

And you have access to ask me any question your heart desires. I’ll be more than happy to respond or even create a video on the topic.


So you get all this….

    • How you can Bring Darkness to the Light.
    • How you can use the Law of Attraction in this new way that no-body is talking about.
    • How you can increase and raise your vibration using your mind, body, and soul.
    • The 10 secrets to Awe and Bliss states.
    • Private Facebook Group to ask me anything or let other members answer your question, as well as getting to meet others on a similar path.
    • Monthly going deep down the rabbit hole video training series, where we really dig deep on matters that we want more clarity in or explore more.

You get all this for 30 days for just $14.95

Thats right, your investment today is only $14.95.

I may be crazy to virtually give this away, but I honestly want to help people see their inner light and gifts, so I’ve made it affordable for all.

As you can see I’m not going to get rich offering this at this price, but my hope is that you will love the members area so much that you will stay.

So if you do great, if not that ok too.

So you can cancel at any time. If you love it your will automatically be renewed (through paypal) our monthly rate of $14.95

It’s a small amount considering a one hour therapy session can cost at least $100 with almost no results most of the time.

I’m fully committed to you and your awakening and together we can change the world!

So click on the Add to Cart button below and lets get started.

ohh. You’re Early. Come back soon. Opening Very soon!

I’ll see you on the other side.


The Spirit Samurai.

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