“when we truly opens our heart, we access something so magical and divine. In this state we have access our genius and anything is possible”

Have you ever wondered what went on in the mind of the greatest geniuses in the world like Davinci, Eienstien, Mozart, and Tesla?

Well I think the answer can be found here. There is a great school in Russia.. they have a saying.. When you open your heart you become a genius and anything is possible.

I love this notion because when we can access this heart opened state, we sing, and dance what we need to learn, problems are washed away, and are blissful explorations into the unknown, and by being in joy, we increase our learning speed, and jump deeper down the rabbit hole, coming out the other end in total awe and holistic understanding in what we just learnt.

Even if you clean toiles, this can work for you. You’ll go to work with new found youthfulness, joy, and inner self love, that the world out there is merely your playground.  There are no limits, we access the limitless, we become limitless.

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