“In the pits of our deepest and darkest depression, I believe is a yearning and calling for expression. So let’s go out in nature, scream, cry, laugh, dance and surrender to love which is calling us home.”

We have all felt depressed as some stage of your life. It’s natural but are we ever taught what to do with it?

  • It’s a story that we have bought into that is not true. But it feels true, right!
  • Depression is an invitation to discover our Expression of what we are depressing.
  • When our emotions are de-pressing us…. De-pressing us expressing, we just need to go out in nature, scream, cry, laugh, dance, then when that’s all over we humbly fall to the floor (then start laughing).. we breakdown to breakthrough.
  • Our mind goes into a deep rest, That’s right, deep-ressed.

Because in the end what we are really yearning for is love. To love and be loved.
Let me know your thoughts on this!

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